Cameron Todd

Cameron Todd

Wreck Room Director and Head Boxing Coach

Cam is one of the leading boxing coaches in New Zealand; his coaching career has spanned over thirty years and seen him training some of NZ’s pre-eminent amateur fighters. After becoming the youngest qualified coach in the country at the tender age of 17, he trained his first NZ champion one year later. Since then, he’s produced more than 70 national champions, numerous Oceania champions, three Olympians (including the 5th-placed Alexis Pritchard and Bronze Medalist David Tua) and is currently the NZ National Womens Coach. He’s also the real brains behind the Wreck Room (ed note: disputed).

2015 saw Cam become the only boxing coach in Australasia with 3-star AIBA certification – the highest level of accreditation provided by all three factions of the AIBA, APB-Professional Boxing, WSB-World Series Boxing, and AOB-Olympic Boxing. And we’ve got him in our backyard, developing a consistently strong string of amateur fighters out of Wreck Room.

Beyond his obvious technical knowledge, Cam’s coaching ability is defined by his skill in reading people and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. He also has a finely tuned bullshit detector (do not ever think you can cheat in training with him. Cam sees all!), and prides himself on being completely honest in an overly PC world.

Believe it or not, Cam does have a life outside of boxing though – he has a passion for rock climbing, dabbles in a bit of online gaming, is an avid reader, and is above average at scrabble. Seriously. Try him.

Cam’s signature words to live by are literally written on the walls of Wreck Room… saving lives since forever.

To keep up with amateur training, follow Cameron Todd Boxing on Facebook. Cam is also available for one on one training, contact him at

Lex Pritchard

Lex Pritchard

Director, Health Coach (and the boss of Cam)

BSc – Sports Science Auckland University

BHSc – Physiotherapy Auckland University of Technology

Lex stumbled upon boxing more than a decade ago at the age of 19; it changed her life forever, in every way possible. She credits her mum and other influential women in her life for showing her how to be a strong, able, and proud woman, and allowing her to believe that she was capable of whatever she set her mind to. Lex has been fighting like a girl since 2003.

A woman of many firsts, Lex fought at the 2012 Olympics (the first time womens boxing was included at the Games), becoming the first woman to win a bout at the Olympics for New Zealand and she was responsible for the first Olympic boxing win for NZ in 16 years. She represented NZ at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and won Bronze at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Beyond her incredible boxing talent, Lex is also a director at RebuildWithLex and acts as our in-house physio at Wreck Room. Her passion for being active is rooted in the fact that it makes her feel great about herself, and she wants to help others find that feeling for themselves. Lex does not operate in half-measures; she works hard at the things that are important to her because she likes to do things well, but she does them for herself, not accolades.

She also bakes and decorates amazing cakes (seriously – check them out), is a scrapbooker from way back, and finds it mildly difficult to write about herself in the third person. Her friends are her family and she’s never one to pass up a good adventure with them.

Like many fighters, Lex is one of the kindest and most welcoming people on the planet. Don’t hesitate to say hello!

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Callum Wallach

Callum Wallach

Director, Head of Technology

Callum holds a BSc Hons degree and a Graduate Diploma in Computer science from Victoria University, Wellington and is also in the progress of completing a Master’s degree in Canada.

His unique combination of skills has allowed him to specialize in the design and development of large distributed system architectures predominately in the health and welfare sectors.

Always fascinated by space, those skills led him to his proudest achievement- his involvement in the POSSUM Citizen Scientist Astronaut program and conducting experimental spacesuit research in zero gravity at the Aerospace Research Centre in Canada.

Callum is a kiwi who embodies his countries spirit of travel and adventure. He has a fascination for travel, adventure, and exploration and his professional industry success has enabled him to travel extensively to some 70 countries across all 7 continents, including a recent expedition to the Antarctic continent.

Born and mostly educated in Wellington, Callum has a strong curiosity, interest & passion for nature and the environment and believes education, particularly in children, is key to the successful fulfillment of our role as custodians of the planet.

A humanitarian at heart, Callum’s philanthropy also has a practical edge. He has twice competed in the annual 100km Oxfam Trailwalker event, is a volunteer member of the Auckland Land Search and Rescue team, and has supported numerous other charities.

Callum has been involved in many business ventures, but is most excited about his role as Head of Technology at Wreckroom as it allows him to bring together his great passions- health, fitness and technology.

Callum can be contacted at