Joshua (Chucky) Francis

Joshua (Chucky) Francis

Boxing Instructor, Personal Trainer

Certificate in Personal Training, NZ Institute of Sport

Josh is a professional boxer and has been a fixture in Cam Todd’s gym since he was wee babe (not really, but that’s what it feels like to the rest of us who have watched him morph from a gangly teenager into a death machine). Coming from a long line of Ironman competitors, it was no surprise that Josh took up amateur fighting early on, resulting in a NZ Golden Gloves championship and a #1 NZ ranking for his weight class at the tender age of 17. He’s had over 10 years of training under professional, Olympic, and Commonwealth-level boxers and coaches. Josh currently fights professionally under Shane Cameron and trains his own BFM Boxing team out of Wreck Room.

In addition to boxing, Josh is also a strength & conditioning trainer. His signature approach is no-nonsense, Rocky-style challenge. If you want to push yourself hard, Josh is your man… he’ll make you hurt in places you didn’t think could hurt and have you producing more sweat than you ever thought possible.

Josh brings knowledge and attitude far beyond his years to Wreck Room, whether you want to train for a corporate fight, up your technical skill on the pads, or simply improve your strength and conditioning. Don’t let his cool exterior fool you: he loves helping people push themselves, and building lasting friendships in the process. Once he’s made you dry-heave, you’re mates for life!

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