Chris Tan

Chris Tan

Instructor, Personal Trainer

BA Commerce – Auckland University

BFA Performing Arts – Los Angeles College of Music

Chris is Wreck Room’s resident powerlifter, currently holding the New Zealand Powerlifting NZPF National Championship Title and Record Holder, and the Auckland Powerlifting titles for APA Overall Best Lifter, Provincial Champion and Record Holder. He loves exercising because “it allows him to eat more and get huge”… so it’s unsurprising he’s thinking of trying bodybuilding next.

But before he was all about the bulk, Chris boxed under Cam for four years prior to running away to study the electric bass at the LA College of Music. (Yes, actually.) Upon his return, it was a no-brainer to come back to work with Lex and Cam, wherever they were. That was Wreck Room… where he continues to bring his well-rounded experience from both the boxing and weightlifting worlds into his classes and personal training.

Chris’ goal is not only to mentally and physically challenge his clients, but to grow their own appetite for that challenge.